About Us

What you see is pretty much what you get...

My name is Patsy and I love Jesus, my hubby, my children (the ones I birthed & the ones that God has given me) and my 3 beautiful grand babies.  I am an introverted extrovert, or an extroverted introvert, you decide.  I live in the boonies with my hubby of 35+ years, a couple of cats, a couple of dogs and the grand dog Cesar.  His person is in the Air Force...seriously this dog. SMH!!

A few years ago I rented a booth in an antique shop next to a girl that sold Rethunk Junk paint.  I told her that it was a total God thing.  I had a whole lot of unpainted furniture and she had a whole lot of paint.  I HATED to paint, it was just too much work.  She told me that she would get me painting eventually.  Well she did.  She showed me a way to paint furniture without sanding, painting or waxing! Life has not been the same since.  Fast forward a few years, a wee bit of a shopping habit and a garage full of furniture that needs to be painted.  

I work a 40+ hour a week job at Sky Ranch, have a side business, a rental property and I’m pretty sure I have lost my mind.  I believe that God hears our prayers and it’s possible to hear Him.  Before I paint a piece, I pray.  Sometimes I hear what He is saying, other times I repaint and try it again.  You are welcome to follow along. The last 30+ years have been a heck of a ride and I can’t wait to see what’s happens next.

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